Sex Swings: The Ultimate Sex Toy

Everything You Need to Know About Sex Swings

 (What Are They, How to Use Them, & How to Choose One)

Once upon a time, in the ancient land of India, there a horny leader with a big ego, King Ahmad. He also had a personal poet and sage, Kalyana Malla. One day, he sent out Kalyana to research the art of hot and kinky sex with the hopes it’d help his sex skills match his good looks. On Kalyana’s search, he discovered that the solution to renewing a couple’s sexual passion is healthy sexual imagination. This led him to believe that getting freaky with multiple positions allowed couples to imagine they were having sex with someone else to avoid the monotony of marriage. And thus, the Kama Sutra was created.

And this was where the Sex swing enters the story. The ancient ones invented sex swings to help couples enjoy sex in various positions. But as you might imagine, the first sex swings were hard to use, and scraped the skin. I’d guess at least a few people got injured experimenting over the years. The coming centuries saw a lot of improvements, and now there are several options out there – most extremely expensive and more importantly, very uncomfortable.

But the days of super expensive and dangerous sex swings are over. Now, it’s very easy for you to purchase an ergonomic, safe, and affordable sex swing that will let you have hours and hours of orgasmic fun and fit your personal desires.

What Is a Sex Swing?

As its name might suggest, a sex swing is, indeed, a swing used for sex. Think of it as a regular swing in a playground, but this time, it’s for adult playtime. While there’s many positions that can be explored, usually, one partner sits on the swing, suspended, while the other does the work while standing up or kneeling. 

Sex swings differ in shape, size, color and the way they’re supported. Most of the time, the partner on the sling is either fully or partially reclined. Some sex swings have freestanding frames, while others have one or more points connected to a bolt in the ceiling. You can install a sex swing in your door frame, between walls, or hang it from the ceiling―wherever you can imagine.

Have you ever wanted to try a new position that, quite frankly, was just awkward, or uncomfortable or just plain hurt? Well the sex swing lets you try new interesting sex positions. Not to mention, switching positions is way easier while your partner is in the air. Sex swings are also helpful if one of you is suffering from an injury, is in pain, or has mobility issues.

Whatever it is, sex swings give you the opportunity to experiment with new positions, angles, and ideas. Your sex life will be so much more exciting and interesting with this adult toy.

How to Use a Sex Swing

Sex swings are amazing, no questions asked. They give you many new genital (or anal) access points without requiring you to be a gymnast, super flexible, or a porn star.

Consider a position like stand and carry, for example. This requires that the partner doing the penetrating hold the other partner koala-bear style and thrust into them. Not only does this setup require the penetrating partner to be highly strong and coordinated, it also requires the other partner to have strong quads, good hip mobility and be able to hold on! In short, it looks great in the porn videos, but is a lot harder in real life without a little assistance. A sex swing gives any couple of any height, weight, strength, and coordination to try as many positions as they want. 

A few things to keep in mind before you begin your sex swing adventures.

First, you have to make sure that the sex swing is fastened securely. You don’t want your partner (or both of you if you choose to ride the swing simultaneously) to fall down.

Next, you should adjust the swing so that the receiving partner can lie or sit down comfortably. After this, you should make sure that your (the penetrating partner) cock, strap-on or mouth is aligned to your wherever your pleasure target location is.

You (the penetrating partner) can then hold your suspended partner and use the momentum of the swing to help you penetrate or orally pleasure your partner.

What to Look for in a Sex Swing

  1. Comfort

The first thing that you should look for in a sex swing is the comfort it offers. If you’re going to be fucking for hours (and believe me you’ll want to), you’ll want to be comfortable. Choose a sex swing that has a breathable and soft fabric. Sex on a sex swing might wear you out, but you might want to tire yourself out because of the fucking (without skin abrasions, pain or other discomfort), not because of the swing itself.

  1. High Quality

Next, the swing should be made of high-quality materials. Make sure that the fabric is not easily susceptible to wear and tear, and you’ll probably want it to be washable (trust me on the latter). The swing should also be equipped with metal hardware. This ensures you that the swing will last for a long time, and will stay in its position, especially when it’s suspended.

  1. Security

Another important feature of a good sex swing is the security it offers. If you want to suspend your whole body, choosing a sex swing with a big capacity (200 kgs or more) is a must. You should also make sure that the fabric can securely hold you and/or your partner in multiple positions, and that the handles are non-slip.

  1. Ease of Use

There are many durable and secure sex swings out there, but not all of them are easy to use. You don’t want to have to be an engineer to figure out how to set up and use your sex swing. To avoid this time-consuming installation, choose a sex swing that is easy to set up. After all, my guess you want to spend more time doing the deed and not installing and setting up the swing.

  1. Portability

If you plan to use your sex swing in various rooms of the house (or outdoors if you want),  buying a sex swing that’s easily portable is vital. Portability consists of item weight, the presence of a storage bag and potential use with a portable frame.

  1. Adjustability

When looking for a sex swing, you should check its straps as well. Are they adjustable? If not, then you might want to skip that one. Adjustable straps are a must, because not only is every body is built differently, it lets you try different positions in new heights (bad pun intended).

  1. Affordability

Expensive sex swings do not easily translate to high-quality (or comfortable) swings. There are many sellers trying to take advantage of beginners out there.  Avoid being ripped off by choosing a swing that’s affordable without sacrificing quality and value.

If the sex swing you’ve been eyeing has all these qualities, it’s time to buy it. If not, then you might want to check out this comfortable, high-quality, secure, easy-to-use, portable, adjustable, and affordable sex swing in red and black

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