Quick Read to Improve Your Sex Life

(#1: COMMUNICATE! I know I know…)

We at XEXY absolutely hate dull boring sex. Talking about issues, turn-ons, fantasies and preferences will drastically improve your sex overnight. Also, using sex toys can turn even the most inexperienced person into a confident sexplorer.

For those of us who have experienced truly mind-blowing sex and earth shattering oral, we will tell you that it’s all about that pussy. That beautiful vagina, labia minora, majora and that sweet perky clitoris needs gentle love and light touching to warm her up. Please no poking and prodding. In order to get the best orgasms for everyone involved, untraditionally the man (or “top”) really needs to step up to the plate here and make the woman (or “bottom”) feel comfortable. Really paying attention to her body, kissing her slowly everywhere and making sure you’re using one or both your hands to rub and caress her body. Wow, this is the beginning of foreplay, you’re doing it. I like to lightly grab thighs and run my fingers along her back, tummy and sides. Go Shop Now

Also, try eating her pussy, don’t like it? Suck it up and give her some chow time.

I love asking “Can I lick your pussy?” after I spend 10 mins kissing her everywhere. Never had a negative response.

Remember that there’s no need to rush into penetration, most girls don’t need it to cum, take your time with her. 

Personally, it’s my absolute favorite thing to do in bed. I don’t want my cock sucked or to pound her ass, I’d rather have her sit on my face. I love making women squirt and orgasm multiple times with just my tongue and no insertion.

It is proven that when the cunnilingus is better the overall sex is better. Both parties will try harder. As long as she is clean and smelling fresh feel free to dive in. Also communicate with her/him if tastes bad or hygiene needs to be improved, if you don’t say anything nothing will ever change.  

The more time you spend on her, the more she will be willing to give you awesome, longer blowjobs and better sex.

Now that that’s out of the way, 
are things still pretty flaccid in the bedroom? Maybe she’s awful in bed? Can’t get it up? Maybe you’re a seasoned sex veteran that doesn’t want to revert to dangerous erections pills?

Fact: The lack of erection has less to do with a “broken wiener” and is mostly associated with the man’s phycological input. Sure, the little blue pill will dangerously increase your heart rate, giving you a hard dick, but don’t you want to know what is causing your soft cock?

Personally speaking I’ve had performance issues, during specific times in my life and at times I blamed my cock, but we all know it’s just in your head. Seriously, I documented 40 different circumstances of where my cock just would not stand erect. I won’t bore you with all 90 pages of my thesis, but it basically boiled down to these simple points:

Stress: Especially when I’m really focused on a project or worried about a client.

ATTRACTIVENESS: I had a girlfriend that gained some weight and mentally/physically I just wasn’t attracted to her anymore. This is quite common when it comes to older married couples. They call it “Erectile Dysfunction” but it’s really just the man having psychological impotence. Most human bodies change over time, especially after multiple children, and the body that you were once crazy over, has become unrecognizable. Personally it’s a fear of mine that I won’t be attracted to my significant other into our 70’s and 80’s

Relationship Problems: Self-explanatory.

Performance Anxiety: Wondering if you’re big enough, if it feels good, “why isn’t she moaning”

Guilt: I’ve felt guilty for cheating and/or seeing multiple girls at the same time. This really effects your boner ability when you start having feelings for one or more of them.  

Low Self Esteem: Even I have felt ugly or fat or like my cock was too small and that has a huge effect on your psychological impotence.

Depression: This has never effected me but many others talk about constantly

Porn Addiction: This is just an excuse, if anything you should know how to pleasure better

As our age increases, our body undergoes various physical transformations which can influence your sexuality. The hormone levels, circulatory and neurological functioning changes may lead to many sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain. These physical changes could mean that intense, deep, pounding from our youth fuck sessions may not yield the same pleasure response during our “middle age” or later life sex.

Also as age increases, we gain a higher need and appreciation of having not just attraction, but a connection to help us get to that climax. With age comes maturity like confidence, lessened inhibitions and better communication that can help you get a richer, more nuanced,  satisfying sexual experience. However, most people are not able to realize the full potential of sex until later in life.

Top 11 ways to improve your sex life

Nowadays, there are super easy ways to treat sexual problems. Improved medications and experienced professional sex therapists are there to help you with those larger issues. But you can resolve the minor sex hiccups by making a few adjustments in your intercourse style. Let’s take a looks at some ways that you can make your sex life better, instanly.

  1. Use lubrication:

For the younger crowd, just don’t use too much. A little goes a long way. Usually it’s just a nice catalyst to get her flowing. During perimenopause, vaginal dryness and pain begins to happen. It can be cured by using lubrication liquid or gels. Without lube, it is a problem that can snowball into weakened libido and create relationship tension. If lubricants are no longer working for you, consider consulting your doctor for other options.

  1. Use different positions:

Using different sex positions add interest in lovemaking and helps you overcome sexual problems. For example, you can increase the G-spot’s stimulation by allowing your man to enter from behind. Or in any position that the penis is angled up towards her bellybutton. It can easily help any woman to reach orgasm, which in turn, peaks your confidence.

  1. Relax:

You can also do something soothing before having sex, like playing a game or going out for a romantic dinner. You can try relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing or yoga. My last partner liked stretching naked together which really increased my knowledge of her body, while making both of us horny as hell.

  1. Keep educating yourself:

There are plenty of articles for every type of sexual issue. You can browse for books, articles or videos on YouTube to help you and your partner overcome the issues. If you have communication issues, you can underline the paragraph that you like and show them to each other or send them sex articles or even porn videos that could improve sex or aspects you’d like to improve upon.

  1. Know about yours and their fantasies:

Explore (with open & welcoming arms) possible activities that you think might be a turn-on for you and your partner. Try thinking of a character or a movie that turns you on, and then share a thought or example with your partner. It is most helpful for people having low sex drive.  Ask what really turns the other person on.

  1. Take your time:

As your age increase, your sexual responses slow down. You and your partner can improve the chance of a successful session by finding a comfortable, distraction-free setting for sex. Also, know that you will need more time to get aroused and reach orgasm due to physical changes in your body. Take your time to think about it. Spending more time having sex is not bad at all. You can work on these needs into your session as it can open doors to a new kind of sexual experience.

  1. Maintain emotional and physical bonds:

Even if you feel tired, tensed, or upset about a problem, engaging in kissing and cuddling is crucial for maintaining an emotional bond. It should actually calm you down.

  1. Introduce Sex Toys:

You can also use sexual devices like a vibrator. It can help a woman learn about her sexual response and teach her partner what she likes. Cock Rings are the Go-To when it comes to a flaccid cock. If your penis can’t get hard, try out a few toys that can instantly make you erect and thicker.

  1. Do exercise:

By exercising pelvic muscles, both men and women can improve their sexual fitness. To do these exercises, tighten your muscle that you would if you were trying to stop yourself from urinating. Hold that contraction for two or three seconds, then relax. Repeat the whole process ten times. Try to do five sets every day. You can do this exercise anywhere- while driving, standing in a checkout line, or while sitting at your desk. Women can use vaginal weights to add muscle resistance. Also, staying in all around better shape is proven to improve sex drive, confidence and hardness of cock.

  1. Include touching:

You can establish physical intimacy without pressurizing your partner by using these sensate focus techniques used by sex therapists. Many sex education videos and self-help books offer a variety of these exercises. It’d help if you asked your partner to touch you in a manner that he or she wants you to touch them.

  1. Never give up:

If none of your efforts are working, do not lose hope. You can consult your doctor, and he/she can help you determine the root cause of the problem. You can also visit a sex therapist that can help you explore issues that can be standing in your way of fantastic sex life.

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