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Key Details of Free MP4 to MP3 Converter Download
Convert M4A, MP4, M4B, M4R, and AAC files to MP3 or WAV formats
Last updated on 04/14/20
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Developer’s Description
Free MP4 to MP3 Converter (64-bit) may be a free program that converts MP4, M4A (iTunes audio files), M4B (audiobooks), M4R (ringtones) and AAC files to MP3 or WAV format.
In addition, the program allows you to copy (extract) original audio tracks with none loss of quality.
The program also allows you to separate output files supported chapters stored in source files (often found in M4B files). Metadata by default are copied from the source files, but the user can add their own tags.

To convert audio streams to MP3 the appliance uses the newest version of the LAME encoder. The program supports encoding with a continuing bit rate – CBR, average bitrate – ABR and variable bit rate – VBR (based on LAME presets).

Basic operation of the program is extremely simple: just drag & drop MP4, M4A, M4B, M4R or AAC files into main window and click on the CONVERT button on the toolbar. More advanced users can customize many encoding parameters: audio bitrate, bitrate mode, number of audio channels, audio frequency , volume, time range and other.Mp4 to mp3 converter

Full Specifications mp4 to mp3 converter
Version 1.6:
Updated conversion engine (FFmpeg) and multimedia information library (MediaInfo).
New MP3 encoder settings: stereo mode (L/R stereo, joint stereo), encoding algorithm quality, lowpass filter.
Displaying the output directory on the title bar of the Output panel. This directory is additionally displayed when the panel is collapsed, so you not need to expand it to ascertain where the resulting files are going to be saved.
Changes within the information module:
For easier identification, video streams are now highlighted in red, audio – green, subtitles – purple, chapters (menu) – blue.
The window layout is now saved to the configuration file and restored subsequent time the program is started.
When turning on dark visual styles, the most window icons are slightly darkened to scale back the contrast.
New translation: Slovenian.
New About window displaying additional information.
Lots of smaller improvements.
mp4 to mp3 converter Support for Windows XP was dropped. Windows Vista or later is required. Maintaining compatibility with Windows XP would prevent the utilization of latest technologies, audio and video encoders, and new FFmpeg features only available for Windows Vista and newer.mp4 to mp3 converter

mp4 to mp3 converter

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