Benefits of Sex Toys for Couples & Why You Should Try Them

Couples & Their Marital Aides 

It’s 2020 and sex toys are losing their taboo status! Over half the UK admits to owning at least one sex toy, and that’s just Britain! Across the WORLD, millions of adventure-seekers want to get their hands on them, and more often than not, DISCREETLY. And they’re not hard to find, from brick and mortar shops to online stores, there’s no shortage of places to find anything that floats your boat, flicks your bean or strokes your pole.

Without a doubt, sex toys give good vibes (bad pun intended) to people all around the world. Buying and using sex toys is becoming mainstream and widely talked about. Studies done in the USA revealed that 65% of men and 73% of women aged 18-65 years have used a vibrator. Add to that the existence of popular shows such as Sex and the City and Fifty Shades of Grey, and you have people that may have been nervous to try adult toys in the past, now flaunting their confidence to find all sorts of new ways, including toys, to enhance their sexual lives.

Using sex toys is nothing new. The first recorded use of sex toys can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece, 640 B.C. Yet even in 2020, we don’t see sex toys being sold by major retailers; only by specialist shops. It’s almost baffling as to why most people like to keep it discreet; it’s not like you have to do the walk of shame after your peers discover that you own a sex toy (or a bunch of them). I’m willing to bet they have their fair share of sex accessories, too.

You can choose from a wide array of food and drinks in supermarkets, so why can’t you pick up a vibrator from there, too? While this may sound unfair to those who want to enjoy sex to the fullest, sex toys are still mostly being sold online by reputable sellers or by Novelty Shops.

And it’s not just solo play that makes sex toys such a great tool for sexual exploration and enjoyment. Sex is as much a part of many couple’s lives as food and water are, and adding toy play into their sex lives just makes their adventures that much more exciting!

Even if you’ve been shy about exploring sex toys before, especially with your partner, it’s never too late! Take advantage of these important tools and learn more about yours and your partners body.

Here are six CONFIRMED benefits of using sex toys for couples:

1. Sex toys spice things up in bed.

The number one reason why sex toys are used is their capability to spice things up in bed. Couples who had never used sex toys saw a great change in their sex lives once they started doing so. Even in my own relationship, the writer of this blog, I introduce my sex toys first and get straight to business. It also helps the man with foreplay and will prolong his sex time. At least 50% of the sex that I have includes at least one sex toy.

In general, couples who are willing to try new ways of being intimate — including using one or more Dildo, Vibrator, Pump or Cock Ring — tend to score better in terms of maintaining sexual desire, passion, and relationship satisfaction in the long run.

In addition, a study conducted by renowned psychologist David Frederick, 2016, revealed that that women and men who felt MOST satisfied by their relationship and the sex that came with it ALWAYS used sex toys together. They did this in addition to other activities like trying new positions in bed, showering together, and setting a sex date.

2. Sex toys let you know more about your partner.

Adult Novelties and other aides are a gateway to knowing what your partner really likes in bed. Like watching your partner masturbate using a sex toy as an example. This helps you know how your partner wants to be touched, where his or her pleasure points are, and how slow or fast your partner wants you to go.

In addition, sex toys open up a dialogue that you and your partner never had. Accounts from real couples state that when they talked to their partners about the sex toys they have and want to have, they felt like they can talk about anything with their partner. This built up their trust and confidence in each other.

3. Sex toys encourage you to experiment.

Experimentation is one of the keys to improve your sex life. Without it, your sex life will be dull and boring. In fact, real couples stated that they were subject to new sexual sensations with the help of sex toys. Sex toys also gave long-term couples a sense of adventure that sustained the fun in the bedroom.

Believe it or not, every sex toy has its own unique features that let you feel things that you haven’t felt before. For instance, a sex swing gives access to genital pleasure points and lets you try many new positions without requiring you to be an acrobat, gymnast or a porn performer.

On the other hand, cock rings do not only make erections HARDER and BIGGER, they also help men last LONGER during sex and help women reach that big O.

4. Sex toys improve foreplay.

Sex isn’t just about penetration. Foreplay is just as important. It plays a physical and emotional role that when not properly executed will leave you and your partner sexually unsatisfied.

Couples need to hug, kiss, and touch each other to prepare for sex. Establishing an emotional connection is crucial in creating an enjoyable and memorable sexual experience for you and your partner.

Using sex toys can further help tantalize and tease your partner, creating a romantic atmosphere before doing the deed.

4. Sex toys help prevent certain sexual illnesses.

Sex toys are not about pleasure only. This may sound surprising, but they have medical benefits as well. Studies show that vibrators improve the elasticity of vaginal walls and induce vaginal lubrication.

The medical of benefits of sex toys don’t stop there. Men can benefit from using sex toys, too. They can help curb the effects of erectile dysfunction by letting blood flow properly into the penis’ erectile tissues, stimulating the nerves needed to sustain an  erection.

5. Sex toys are efficient.

If you and your partner just don’t have the time to go multiple rounds that lead to  orgasm, sex toys are useful. Sex toys help you take care of each other’s needs, minus the guilt.

When you and your partner use sex toys at the same time, you can orgasm simultaneously. This takes away the guilt that you would have felt when only one of you used a sex toy. 

Plus, you shouldn’t be really embarrassed about hitting an orgasm with the help of a sex toy. After all, an orgasm is still an orgasm, with or without a sex toy. 

There you have it folks, six sex toy benefits for couples. For those who don’t know where to start, don’t worry, there are many sex toys tailored for couples out there.

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