Top 5 SEO Tips for 2021: Best Practices & Recommendations To Get Your Website Ranking
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Top 5 SEO Tips for 2021: Best Practices & Recommendations To Get Your Website Ranking

SEO Tips I’m about to share my top five SEO tactics for 2021. Now these are tactics that you should not ignore and they’re gonna be absolutely essential for you to succeed this year. And as you’ve noticed, this isn’t a video shot in 2020 and have simply changed the title because I was too lazy to create a new one.

SEO Tips changes, and so do the strategies. And 2021 deserves its own videos to address its challenges. Now, before we move on, if you could just smash that like button until it turns blue, that would make my day, let’s get going. My first recommendation is to pay attention (air whooshing) to core web vitals.

May, 2021 is introducing core web vitals into the algorithm. Meaning your scores in these categories are gonna influence your rankings. (air whooshing) My favorite place to check core web vitals is in GTmetrix. (air whooshing) You can run Lighthouse directly from Google Chrome but I prefer GTmetrix just because it lays out the three most important metrics (air whooshing) out, front and center.

Top 5 SEO Tips for 2021: Best Practices & Recommendations To Get Your Website Ranking Largest contentful paint measures how quickly users see content.

Total blocking time tells you how much time is blocked by scripts during your page load. Cumulative layouts shift measures how elements on your page move around when it loads. And all three of these can correspond to crappy user experience if not optimized.

SEO Tips So get it done. My next tip is to double down (air whooshing) on back links. Google has shown us in its last core algorithm updates that they still care a lot about authority. Just check out the search result for a review of a male enhancement pill. We start up with some ads at the top, then we see our familiar friend, Amazon, and then we find an St.

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Louis newspaper, followed by associated press. And as you guessed that these domains don’t share much relevance at all with the topic of male virility, nor do they want to, probably. But Google is ranking them anyways because of their links. So in 2021 I’m putting tremendous focus on my link building particularly getting links (air whooshing) from authoritative websites.

I’m using techniques like digital PR to create (air whooshing) well-researched, statistical base content pieces and reaching out to journalists trying to get published in the major news articles. I’m also going to town with authority builders a-list link service. Tactic number three also involves doubling down.

SEO Tips But this time, (air whooshing) with content generation. You ever have a hard time figuring out why a piece of crap website is ranking higher than you in Google? You have better links, (air whooshing) you have better content, (air whooshing) your site (air whooshing) is technically better. Do yourself a favor and check to see how many pages this website has.

And then check to see how much internal linking that they have to the pages that you’re competing on. There’s a good chance they’re just beating you. When you have a huge website (air whooshing) focused around a particular topic, google starts to consider you to be an authority (air whooshing) on that topic.

It’s called, topical relevance. (air whooshing) And if you wanna learn more about that, I left a link to an article in the description down below. But in a nutshell, just make bigger websites. You can use a tool like Surfers Content Planner to map out huge silos and interlink their pages together.

My fourth piece of advice is to focus on user experience metrics, particularly bounce rate. (air whooshing) When a user will click on your page and then immediately go back to the search result because they didn’t like what they saw. This typically signifies that the user didn’t find what they were looking for, they didn’t get an answer to the search query and had to go back to the Google search result in order to find something.

SEO Tips And Google is gonna start paying more and more attention to this. There’s a going on in 2021. And it’s for everyone’s attention. Google is in competition with so many addictive social media platforms. They’ve recognized that need to deliver a high value user experience in order to keep people on their platform.

So work on that bounce rate, get search intent correct, (air whooshing) be clear above the fold (air whooshing) that your article answers the search query, and give people that answer (air whooshing) sooner rather than later. If you make your readers work for it, they’re just gonna find another webpage that gives them their answer faster.

So don’t do that. My final piece of advice is to always portray (air whooshing) your website as a real brand. You always wanna look like you’re a real business and not just a little rinky dink website, one of millions that are launched every day. Maybe your website is actually a digital storefront for a real physical business.

You still need to show Google that it is. So how do we do that?SEO Tips  Build out your about page (air whooshing) and feature multiple people that comprise the team that runs this business, have multiple ways of contacting you through the website, multiple emails for different departments at this business, a phone number, an address, think about it.

The ultimate goal of a real business is to give you multiple different ways for you to contact them so they can do business with you. It’s only affiliate sites and maybe PayPal support, and probably Facebook support (air whooshing) that don’t give a crap about this. SEO Tips You can also get a Google My Business even if you’re an affiliate website.

SEO Tips And remember to build out all your social profiles, your Facebook page, your Twitter page, your YouTube, your LinkedIn, Pinterest, all that kinda stuff and tie that all together with schema on the website.SEO Tips.

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