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7 Ecommerce Marketing Secrets You Can Learn

Do you want to learn the secrets that big brands use to create massive e-commerce stores? today I’m going to break down seven e-commerce marketing secrets you can learn from big brands. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube, click the alert notification.

So let’s dive right in. Number one, nail your product page, from meta descriptions to title text, to even the title and description on your homepage or of your product page or your listing pages. And you want the optimal format. Natural, compelling clickworthy pages that are easy to navigate. I recommend that you add multiple, high-quality product shots.

And ideally, if you can do 3D views, even better. Clearly articulate your product descriptions and what is it that you’re selling? How is it made, highlight the stories, the history behind the product, turn the features into benefits, and use both logical copy and emotional. And out of curiosity, how many of you are using logic and emotions in your copywriting? Let me know if you’re using more logic or emotions.

Because what we found is when you do logic alone, you’ll get sales. When you use emotion alone, you’ll get sales. But when you combine logic and emotions, you get way more sales. You also want to understand the product so well and work hard on leaving nothing out because if you can help people understand everything so well, yes, not everyone’s going to read everything, but for the people who do have questions that are going to skip, they won’t anymore.

Number two, use persuasive copy and words. It’s all about copywriting. If you can convince people to convert, you’re going to be better off. It’s all about conversion optimization. There’s a lot of cool companies that do conversion optimization out there. One I love is a company called Spiralyze based in Atlanta, I believe, they’re Atlanta, Georgia, somewhere around there.

But they do performance-based conversion optimization where if they improve your conversions with copywriting, they charge you, if they don’t, you don’t pay a dollar. Number three, optimize your call to actions. It’s so funny, I see people testing their add to cart buttons, and you should, but a lot of times they use these really rare terms and I know it’s really hurting their conversions because we’ve run so many add to cart tests.

So yes, you should run tests, but you should not pick ones that are really foolish that could confuse people because it could create longterm negative results with your conversion rates. Four, answer all the FAQ’s you can. Nearly 95% of customers turn to reviews when shopping online and swear that reviews are the most important factor that influence their purchasing decisions.

Alleviate customer concerns that your product page copy doesn’t address directly. And that’s what the reviews will do. Earn their trust by demonstrating the product benefits and real-life use cases and save time on repetitive FAQ’s for customer support. It’s great, if you don’t have FAQs, you need to add them.

Heck, FAQs are so important I’m starting to even add them in my blog posts. And we found that it keeps people engaged more. Five, increase sales by using scarcity and urgency. Amazon does this in great ways. Hey, there’s only five left. And they don’t cheat, they don’t lie, they show you how many are really left.

Or order this today and you can get it tomorrow. I’m like, all right, I’ll order this now. And it’s not just today. Order it within the next 40 minutes and you can get it tomorrow. Implying urgency in your headlines really helps these conversions and implying urgency in your call to actions also helps.

Adding stock urgency, just by default, like for Black Friday or during specific holiday season with a countdown clock, that works super well. And make sure you’re using colors that make your urgency stand out, because if people don’t really see it, not going to help with conversions. And make sure that when you’re using urgency, you have the relevancy and value propositions, such as, hey, you’ll get it tomorrow.

Won’t cost you anything more in your shipping. You can also use exit intents, with free shipping offers, discounts, coupons, gifts, digital downloads, that helps too. Number six, use cart abandonment email marketing sequences. Be specific, and be true to your brand. You want to be personal in your email.

For example, if you were buying a mattress from me and you didn’t buy it, but you went in your cart and you almost bought, I would email you two days in a row, I’m like, so have you been getting a terrible night’s sleep? You wouldn’t if you bought my mattress. Here are 101 reviews on why people love this compared to traditional mattresses.

What are you waiting for? Click here to buy it. In the next 30 minutes, we’ll give you a discount. And by offering an incentive as well, you’ll find that you’ll get less abandonment to your email sequence and include customer reviews and testimonials like I just mentioned, that really does help boost conversion.

Seven, multi-variant testing. There’s many elements you should test, right? So on your product detail pages, I want you to run tons and tons of A/B tests. And the more tests that you run, the better off you are and think about images, product descriptions, from what people prefer, what products they don’t like to the reviews, the placement of it, also keywords, keywords in headlines, keywords lower.

You also want to test the keywords that you’re even bidding on and the keywords in your copy. You want to track signups, clicks, or any other conversion goals. You want to optimize your supply chains, your margins, and run tests there too. It’s not just on your own website. All these things help your business become more efficient as well.

Now, if you need help with your marketing, check out my ad agency, NP Digital. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell people about it. Thank you for watching.

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