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5 Quick and Easy Steps On HOW-TO Send Your Website A SURGE Of Amazon’s Traffic For FREE!

What I’m approximately to expose to you in this text will literally change the way you examine ‘Amazon’ all the time.

As you understand, Amazon is a buyers marketplace place and is a VERY powerful seek engine for merchandise of every type, particularly Books.

Now, you are probably saying to your self, “yeah, I already understand that about Amazon, however how do I get my share of Amazon’s traffic?”.

Well, I’m going to answer that question in only a few moments, but first, here’s simply some of the benefits you will acquire once you have ‘Set-Up’ what I’m about to show you:

– you will position yourself as an Expert within your Niche

– you will acquire Highly Targeted visitors in your internet site

– you will be able to build a HIGHLY focused ‘Opt-In’ list

Those are a few pretty Powerful advantages would not you say?

And who would of ever guessed that Amazon ought to supply this to you.

I only recently found out of this tactic myself from a Very widely recognized Internet marketer who turned into kind enough to proportion it with me.

So now, I’m going to do the identical for you.

Are you prepared to see what Amazon can do for your Business and Credibility?

Enough said, we could get started out.

Step #1. Set up a account with Amazon.

This is the easiest part of the whole project. Simply go to http://www.Amazon.Com and set up an account for yourself.

This should handiest take a couple of minutes and may be very uncomplicated.

Step #2. Click to your “Your Name” Store tab.

Once you have set up your account you must were given a password so one can login on your account.

If you are not logged in already, login now.

Now, from within the participants region there have to be a row of tabs on the pinnacle of the members place, click on the only that says “Your Name” Store(ex. ‘Corys Store’ tab).

This will take you to a distinctive vicinity with a different sub-menu.

Click at the tab in the sub-menu that announces “About You Area”.

Step #three. Setting up your “About You Area”.

Now that is where you have to pay ‘Special Attention’ because that is what human beings will see after they click on on your ‘About You’ tab.

Assuming you are on the ‘About You Area’ you may observe which you have spots available to place your Picture, Name, Nickname, eMail Address, Real Name and About Me.

Go ahead and fill out all of the place’s accept your ‘About Me’.

The ‘About Me’ spot is what I’ll talk approximately in the next step, but for now, just fill out all of the other area’s and in case you want to position up a image of your self, you may, it’s up to you.

Step #4. Setting up the ‘About Me’ phase.

This might be the unmarried maximum essential a part of this complete method due to the fact that is wherein your capacity consumer will examine about who you are and what you and your enterprise is all approximately, so do take this seriously.

Now, you have about four,000 characters of area to jot down up an outline approximately who you’re and what your business is about, so its up to you on how lengthy you need your description to be.

Before you start writing your description that is what You have to do First in the first 70 to 80 characters of your ‘About Me’ description and I’ll display you an example of how mine appears so you’ll be able to see this in movement.

(ex. About me: Hi, I’m Cory Threlfall and I’m the Editor/Publisher of ‘www.Internetwondersezine.Com’ that is a …)

Do you see what I’ve done?

I’ve incorporated my ‘Domain Name’ in prices into my First 70 to 80 characters of my description so when they click on my ‘About Me’ and study my profile they may additionally see my Domain Name, and if they desire to find out greater approximately me they could both ‘Copy and Paste or Type’ my domain into there browser so as to then convey them to my internet site where they could either ‘Subscribe’ to my publication or read my sale replica that allows you to then get them to Opt-In to my publication.

This is wherein the ‘List Building’ starts to take vicinity from the traffic despatched through Amazon.

Now, we have already set up that Amazon is a High Traffic internet site and now that you’ve set up your ‘About Me Area’ the way I’ve mentioned it above I’m now going to show you how to direct Amazon’s traffic in your internet site.

Step #5. Directing Amazon’s visitors on your internet site.

This is in which the amusing starts offevolved. And after you see How its accomplished you will probably kick your self in the butt like I did after I become proven How-To do this.

What we want to do now could be a bit workout so you’ll see for yourself how you may tap into Amazon’s site visitors.

So, we know that Amazon is satisfactory known for Books, so click at the ‘Books’ tab within Amazon’s members area. This will take you to a exclusive web page.

In the upper left nook you will see a ‘Search Books’ seek field.

Now, for the cause of this exercise, in order that that we are on the identical page, we could use ‘net advertising and marketing’ as the search term.

So, go in advance and sort that during and press GO!.

You must now see a bunch of listings on books associated with ‘net marketing’.

Scroll down and choose the “33 Days To Online Profits” link. This will bring you to its Product Description page.

Within this Product Description web page you’ll find Product Details, Editorial Reviews and maximum critical of all, All Customer Reviews.

Notice I stated “and maximum essential of all, All Customer Reviews”.

Thats right, all you want to do is ‘Write Reviews’ on books within your precise Niche and while ability clients are reviewing the book you wrote the overview on and that they scroll down and happen to study your evaluate and click on on Your Name to peer what you are all about, wager what they may see?

They’ll see your profile together with your Name, Nick Name, eMail Address and your ‘About Me’ description along with your Domain Name screaming out at them that may without problems be typed into there browser.

There you have got it, “five Quick and Easy Steps On HOW-TO Send Your Website A SURGE Of Amazon’s Traffic For FREE!”

I without a doubt wish you spot the blessings of writing reviews and how it will make you appearance inside the eyes of your capability consumer.

This is a outstanding tactic to apply if you’re looking to establish your self as an Expert within your Niche and at the identical time, build a HIGHLY centered ‘Opt-In’ list that you can marketplace to for years yet to come.

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