Marketing Techniques – What Your Mother Never Discloses

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Marketing Techniques - What Your Mother Never Discloses
Marketing Techniques – What Your Mother Never Discloses

Marketing Techniques – What Your Mother Never Discloses,Keep it up, a few things need to be noticed before I start doing business. First, it is important for me to try to practice what I preach as much as possible. This is not consistently the case and for that I am sometimes dissatisfied with myself. With that in mind, I am a believer in open communiques. I don’t like hidden agendas. I also believe in the goodness of people and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Also, I feel that in order to trust people, dangers have to be taken in order that acknowledging each other have a chance to grow. With that in mind, I’ll take the plunge and hope no one abuses it, but respect my goals and try not to spoil them.

Purpose: I want to create a word and put it in the Oxford English Dictionary. There are a number of criteria that must be met to effectively incorporate words into the OED, which you can check for yourself, but I feel that I have prepared my strategy and words. What I believe is that what I will share will not be taken away by others, thus replacing the dream I have had for a long time. I’ll tell you my idea and I hope you appreciate it, but it’s still my idea to pursue and turn into a reality.

One of the criteria for OED is that there are no words with a similar definition. Or in other words, there must be a need for the word. It’s Hard, but I believe I have it. English does not have a word that means “Someone or something that someone dislikes the most. The person or thing that someone hates the most.” It’s almost the opposite of Favored We can convey the idea, but we don’t have a single word that encapsulates “most hated” with the effectiveness that Favored has for “most liked or loved”. The word that I think can overcome this linguistic gap is “malrite”.

This surprised me, because languages ​​tend to develop the words they need to show. It seems to me that in the heritage of English-speaking countries there has been sufficiently widespread aggression and localized apathy, jealousy and malice that it was necessary to coin this word. However, I began to doubt the need for such a word, until I started looking for online marketing techniques.
Despite my personal psychotic tirade about online marketing techniques, I’m not quite sure what the general public feels about the matter and I’m certainly not sure if the business itself is considering it. Then I came across an article entitled “The Most Hated Marketing Technique”. Wow, if there was ever a reason to recharge my “malrit” chase, I’ve found it. This is an article that discusses learning assessing the malrit factors of people in online marketing. However, it all presented itself awkwardly for lack of acceptable words to describe the disgust, disgust, and loathing that the research volunteers felt. This article showed me that the fact of dependency is that in life we ​​all have things we like and don’t like, and we need to be able to articulate them.

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