Gold Marketing – Extreme Profit Extraction For E-Authors

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Gold Marketing - Extreme Profit Extraction For E-Authors
Gold Marketing – Extreme Profit Extraction For E-Authors

Gold Marketing – Extreme Profit Extraction For E-Authors.Once a like extension such as your first publication or ecourse has been completed, we need to turn our attention to marketing your Challenge.

This is where things from time to time get a little difficult if writers and marketers are one and the same person, and this is where we have to be vigilant and take the right steps in the right order, so that we can stay on the right track.

In order to write ANY form of marketing material for your book or course, you need to be REALLY WORTH TIME with all the benefits of your product.

Now it seems clear that the writer, of all people, SHOULD be typical with blessings but there is such a thing as too familiar, as well as having been immersed in duty for a long time and thus not seeing the proverbial jungle for a long time. big again.

I helped a bookstore writer and absolute AUTHORITY write their main opinion a few days ago, and I was surprised that they couldn’t answer certain simple questions I asked them, such as:

“How many chapters are in your E-book? “How many pages is your book?” “How many illustrations?” “How many words?”
“What’s the ISBN?” The answers kept going like, “Ahm… I think I can look it up.

This is the kind of “Technical facts that the loss of life at the place of publishing by “others” – but of course, in web publishing they need to be known EXACTLY by the author, because these things consist of “Technical standards of the product and potential clicks will probably ask or want to know first before they make a decision to buy.

But that’s just an example and in a way, that’s the tip of the iceberg.

What has become very clear is that the author in question has neglected the first step of ANY marketing analysis.

This important step, which is the core topic of this article, is that it is IMPORTANT to be able to write any form of marketing copy, to target the right audience with the right mindset and to market the product, period.

This first step is called “profit extraction”.

How to Extract Profit

You need a printed copy of your e-book or course, VARIETY of blank paper capsules, a large pot of espresso and then, you take off your writer’s hat and instead, you put on your marketing hat and read the text, ONE PARAGRAPH AT ANY TIME, and “take” ALL thanks to which readers/users/learners can get beforehand AND all those they come into contact with if they adhere to the advice and methods outlined appropriately.

There are a wide variety of kidnapping blessings that can and will be found in this System, and before we even get into the text and content itself, there are also advantages such as:

Good sized print – easy to read for parents, keep away from Complications!

Good use of white space – easy to see, stress free interpretation

Well based – information circulates logically, and thus easy to understand and learn

Fully listed – everything is easy to find, you can quickly figure out what you need to know.

Constructive diagrams and illustrations – pictures say more than a thousand words and beyond.

Once you get into the content, you will notice that Sometimes, a single sentence or paragraph hides KEY Advantages, such as:

“SINGLE little-known SECRET for all your marketing problems!”

Take your time and keep going back and asking yourself over and over, “What Blessings will readers/users get out of this?” Soon, short term, long term? Don’t stop with things like, “The reader will learn how to use the snarcometer…” That’s not an advantage.

The advantage is what happens WHEN you use a snarkometer as the manufacturer designed it for use – so the advantage may be: “The reader will be able to catch even hidden, rare, and elusive snarks.” From there, you can move on to further benefits in the future, such as: “The reader will turn into a big, rich name from selling his snarks.”

That’s the point!

Sorting Your Benefits

If you do this right, you will find MANY Blessings, big and small, and for all kinds of Alternative Programs, Circumstances, and people, and from different points of view, in ANY worthy Publication or course.

You’ll write them all down, as they come, with reference web page numbers on your many sheets of paper.

Now it’s time to sort them out.

First, go through your list and find the MAIN blessing which will be the optimal HEADLINE and the main bonus list.

As soon as you get it, your marketing and marketing will be up and running because now you know WHAT YOU’RE SELLING!

“Deep down”, of course you already know

ent the list on the promoting Web page, or will be placed end-to-end in classifieds and opinions letters.

Finally, take the rest and sort them any way you want.

You may find that a specific market emerges that you didn’t believe of before with a fairly separate list of its OWN advantages from the general basic Advantages, and where you can then market your product accordingly.

You may find material among the blessings that you can use to write articles or engage in customer “education” – explain how and why these advantages seem in separate articles so they can appreciate what you do and how VALUE your product really is.

You will find Concepts, headlines, tag lines and pure COPY GOLD ads in this extraction and analysis of benefits.

And once you’re done, NOW you’re ready to write REAL ads of all kinds – and you’ll find that now that you REALLY KNOW what your product is from a Retailers point of view, you’ll also be able to SELL IT TO OTHERS.

Improvement extraction is also probably one of the most motivating and interesting things a flawed or writer can do for HIMSELF. Yes, it’s all true. It’s really good, and REALLY has all of those benefits!

This will support the world for your confidence AND for YOUR ability to start screaming about the incredible blessings of YOUR amazing product from the roof – and in turn, lead to more Income, more money in the bank, more joy and freedom and love in the around!

So, if you haven’t done the extreme improvement extraction verbatim, do it NOW. This is in fact the FIRST STEP for ALL future marketing.

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