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What You Need to Know Advertising Agency

What You Need to Know Advertising Agency

There are many different types of software that an advertising agency needs to run a business What You Need to Know Advertising Agency efficiently. Here are some examples of tasks that software currently available for agencies can support:

-Create estimates and quotes, invoices and schedules for client approval

-Prepare drafts of new brochures, print ads, or annual reports for review

-Manage client feedback on direct mail materials

-Track key project milestones

-Prepare and review media plans

-Prepare storyboard presentations for clients

-Preparing market research

-Schedule project tasks

-Review rough cuts

-Create a project schedule

-Manage client requests and external prospects

-Schedule media

-Time tracking

-Track expenses against forecasts

-Plan and analyze resource usage

-Accounting and bookkeeping

To meet this need, advertising agencies should consider the following:

Graphic Design Software – Agencies will need a creative design Application Suite such as the Macromedia Design Suite or
Adobe Creative Suite for doing basic graphic design, storyboarding, and other more creative aspects of production
advertising material.

Audio and Video Editing Software – If they create their own radio and television commercial mockups, they should be able to edit them for client review before they turn everything over to the actual production company producing the final version.

Office applications – Most companies use Microsoft Office for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software because it has become the standard for business.

Contact Manager – Agencies need a good contact manager to keep track of all their client information. Larger agencies may want to opt for a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Email Client – ​​Agencies need a good email client. While there are many good email clients available, Outlook is the business standard and has scheduling capabilities for meetings, distribution lists, public folders, the ability to tag all correspondence from a specific individual client and basic content management capabilities.

Project Management, Time & Expenditure Tracking Software – because they work on individual projects, agencies need software that can track all costs associated with each project. The software must be able to track employee time with the ability to use split rates and double rates, raw materials, outsourcing invoices, etc.

Accounting Software – They need standard accounting software that provides invoice, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger functions. Larger agencies may require software to handle multiple currencies and tax codes.

New Possibilities

With the advent of the extranet, specialized software suites have been developed specifically for advertising agencies. They include programs that can provide contact management, time & expense tracking, project management, scheduling and email management. Some applications can even interact directly with the company’s accounting software.

Another innovation is the client service extranet. They have replaced email as the favorite forum for sharing and organizing the large amount of documents that are part of all client/agency relationships.

Using the extranet allows all employees, vendors, suppliers, clients, and others on the project team to have real-time access to all related project details from anywhere in the world. Best of all, the extranet makes it possible to share design documents, audio and video clips with projects online in real time. No more waiting for courier delivery or face-to-face meetings providing better customer service than ever.

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